Initial Thoughts on the Eagles Draft

First of all I want to say that I am beyond excited for the group of players the Philadelphia Eagles drafted this year.  To me it was the defensive version of the explosive offensive draft few years back when we got Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, Cornelius Ingram and Brandon Gibson.  We also grabbed 2 part time defensive starters in that draft in Macho Harris and Moise Fokou.  (Andy and Co. were mean that year with names like Fokou, Tupou and Fanakia but I digress).   I feel like this years draft has a great chance to make the same type of impact on defense as Maclin and McCoy have had on offense.

In the first round I initially had wanted Luke Kuechly but the super bargain trade for one of my favorite MLBs Demeco Ryans made LB a much less pressing issue.  Looking at where the Eagles were sitting I was worried it would be too costly to move up for the best pass rushing DT in the draft Fletcher Cox and actually started thinking I would like Malcolm Floyd if he fell.  When Cox was still sitting there at 10 I started getting antsy to trade up and when they did trade up to 12 to take him I was happy as can be.

My plan for the 2nd round was to take Vinny Curry, one of my favorite pass rusher in the draft, and Brandon Boykin, a great potential slot CB/Return man/gadget offensive player.  My brother is a Georgia Bulldogs fan and has been a big reason for my love of Boykin and the fact that he was a perfect fit for the Eagles needs made him even more appealing.  Getting a potential starting LB in Mychal Kendricks and then landing Curry later had me happy with the second round but I was still dying for Boykin and when they finally took him in the 4th, like a giddy school boy, I ran and high-fived a fellow Eagles fan at the track meet I was at.  He had no clue why I was so excited and looked at me like, coach, there is something wrong with you.

Not happy with the Nick Foles pick at first but the more I read about him, see interview with him and such, the more he grows on me and I get excited for his potential in the future.

Dennis Kelly sounds like a Howard Mudd type guy and Brandon Washington has plenty of starting experience at a big time school in Miami so I’m happy there, I won’t pretend to be super excited about a late round offensive linemen.  (The ToddFather and Jason Kelce are hysterical to follow on Twitter though.)

Marvin McNutt was not one of the wide receivers I wanted, I was really hoping to sneak in Sanu somewhere in the middle rounds, but he fits the mold of what I wanted:  Big body possession receiver.

The idea of Bryce Brown’s potential makes him a great 7th round pick in my opinion, and between him, undrafted rookie Chris Polk and last years pick Dion Lewis, I think for the first time in quite a while we have the potential for really good running back depth.  (sorry to anyone who liked Eldra Buckley)


This years draft was like a wish-list come true, I can’t wait for the football season to get started!!


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