Random Thoughts

First off, it is very comforting to see all of the first round picks already starting to sign.  I hate those long holdouts and this new rookie pay scale seems like it will cut back on those.  You can check the first round signing here.


The 76ers knocked of the very injured #1 seed Bulls last night.  Despite the fact that the Bulls were missing their best 2 players, this was not a series many people thought Philly had a chance in after their late season collapse and the fact that they barely backed into the #8 seed in the playoffs.  To the Sixers and coach Doug Collins credit, however, they had their first winning season since the 04-05 season, Iguodala’s rookie season, and their first winning playoff series since 02-03.  They have been to the playoffs a few times along the way but always ending in 4-1 or 4-2 defeats.  They also became only the 5th 8 seed to knock out a 1 seed.  Its been almost 10 years since the Sixers saw round 2 of the playoffs and since AI’s ‘practice’ rant.  I don’t how they got there or who they beat to do it, the fact is there are there and playing a very beatable Celtics team.  The Sixers fans, team and coaches have to be happy about that.


In other sports news, the Phillies suck.  1-2 vs the Nationals then swept by the Mets.  19th in runs scored and only 15th in ERA with the best pitching staff in the majors.  Last place in the division.  Philadelphia fans better not be planning for the post season this year, as strange as that must feel.  Cheer for your Sixers now and then get ready for football season.


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