Injury Talk

Injuries are a part of football, guys get hurt almost every game.  It is a violent sport and that is just a fact of the game.  For me one of the saddest injuries to see, however, is the off-season injury.  Every year a few players get hurt away from the game and end up missing significant time or the entire season.  Last year off season neck surgery ended up costing Peyton Manning his entire season and ultimately his roster spot in Indy.  This year we have already lost one of the premier left tackles in the league and the reigning Defensive Player of the Year to torn Achilles tendons.  Terrell Suggs says he will be back this season, but Jason Peters recently re-torn his and is done for this entire season and his NFL future could potentially be affected.

Promising Saftey prospect, Chad Jones, drafted by the Giants in 2010 was released on Monday because of injuries he suffered in a car accident prior to the start of his first NFL season that have prevented him from ever playing in the league.

We have also seen the worst occur in the off-season, to promising young players such as Sean Taylor and Chris Henry…


For these highly trained athletes to lose playing time, their jobs or even their lives from things that happen in their down time, it is absolutely maddening to know that certain players and coaches in the league would intentionally try to hurt other players.  The game is already violent and players will get hurt, please don’t add to it willingly.

That said , we also cannot continually water down the game in the name of protection.  Football has always been violent and this won’t change without making it into a different sport completely.  Chad Ochocinco addressed this recently and I very much agree with him.  Playing in the NFL is a privilege and also a job for which you are very highly compensated.  If you do not want to deal with the consequences of playing, do not play.  Whether you like him or not, Chad has always played the game for what it is meant to be, a game.  He is there to entertain the crowd and do his job.  He has no problem being fined for celebrations because he knows the money goes to a good cause.  My favorite moment of his was when he was still with the Bengals, went across the middle against the Ravens, and got absolutely wrecked by Ray Lewis.  Chad jumped right up and immediately argued that it was a fair and legal play, that Ray was doing his job, and asked the league not to fine him.


I hate seeing the injuries, especially costly ones in the off-season but at least we also get stories like this one.  New Buccaneers Head Coach Greg Schiano made one of his former Rutger’s players dream to play in the NFL come true after he was paralyzed in college.  Classy act, we need more of that.


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