Baseball Draft and other random notes

I feel like I haven’t been home in 2 weeks and haven’t been able to post anything but I’m back now.  The MLB draft was last night so I wanted to start by commenting on that.

I’ll be honest, I really don’t understand the setup of the the MLB draft.  In a sport where even first round picks aren’t guaranteed to sign with your team are unlikely to see the big leagues for at least a year or two (or ever), why are their 50 rounds?  Just flipping back through last year’s draft, only half of the players selected in round 30 ever signed with their respective teams and a lot of the top picks in this years draft have been selected in the past but never signed.  I want to say I’m excited that the Phillies added 2 pitchers in the first round but I will probably never see them play or hear their names again.  Its nothing like other sports where the first round means something and being drafted at all gives you a strong chance to at least see the field/court early on.  Football and Basketball players leave school early to declare for the draft and many of them only go to college because they have to, but in Baseball, kids turn down being drafted to go to or stay in college.

It is just strange to me that in the NFL, undrafted rookie free agents make an impact every year and are priority signings following the 7 round draft.  The NBA has much smaller teams than most other professional sports and therefore only 2 rounds in their draft but late picks and undrafted rookies can make an impact as well.  (A quick search of undrafted players in those sports produces names such as Kurt Warner, Warren Moon, Night Train Lane, John Randle, Rod Smith, Ben Wallace, John Starks and Avery Johnson).  Compare that to baseball where in the first round alone, barely half of the players selected will ever even play in the majors and only a handful will play a significant number of games.  Its amazing that 50 rounds is a reduction from what the MLB draft used to be and I honestly wonder why they even bother with that many.


Other random thoughts:

-Justin Blackmon is stupid

-Really freaking stupid

-Kurt Busch is suspended from this weeks NASCAR race for also being really freaking stupid

-If we end up with a Celtics-Spurs NBA final, would it be the oldest final ever?

-If it goes the other way and we have Heat-Thunder, can we mandate alley-oops only?

-Aaron Maybin bulked up over the summer by hanging out with Michael Phelps….

-The Saints NEED to sign Drew Brees soon, give him whatever he wants guys, because without Brees you aren’t winning more than 3 games

This is just an awesome story and a must read


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