Quick Thoughts

Just a few quick things before I head off to work all day.

I watched the Big 33 football classic last night and do a separate post on my thoughts from that game later today or tomorrow morning hopefully.

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Apparently Dre Kirkpatrick admitted the other day to never backpedaling while he was in college.  He is a cornerback, thats kind of an important part of your game.  Hopefully the Bengals don’t have to relay on him too much early this season as they are actually rather deep at the position.   Possibly more disturbing to hear, however, is that Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones has taken Dre under his wing and is serving as his mentor.


I flipped back and forth and watched a good bit of the O’s – Braves game last night.  O’s pitcher Jason Hammel pitched a complete game 1 hitter shutout.  Only the second complete game of his career and his first shutout.  What a tremendous year Jason is having with the O’s this year as they look to breakout of their sub-500 record streak and reach the playoffs again.  Jason’s best year to date was his first in Colorado back in 2009 where he finished with a 10-8 record over 30 starts, a 1.39 WHIP and 4.33 ERA.  So far this season through 13 starts he is 7-2 with a 1.16 WHIP and 2.87 ERA plus last nights shutout.  Whatever they are doing down in Baltimore, it is paying off big time for everyone.


Brian Banks had a good tryout with the Seahawks but did not make their training camp roster.  He heads down to San Fransisco for a tryout there before going home to work with a personal trainer to get himself back into legit football shape.  I can only wish this kid all the best luck and I hope he gets a shot on the field.


Thats it for now, I will be back with my Big 33 notes soon.


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