Misc. notes on things that aren’t the Olympics

I commented last week on the Jeff Otah trade from the Panthers to the Jets as a win-win for both teams as the Panthers get something back for a injury prone, unproductive player and the Jets get a very talented, run blocking right tackle that they need.  Well that didn’t work as Otah failed his physical.  I expect to see Otah on the street within a few weeks.


In a strange story, the Chargers signed Kyle Boller to add to their quarterback depth with only Phillip Rivers and rookie Jarrett Lee healthy for training camp.  Then, the very next day, Kyle just up and retired.  According to Norv Turner, “He does not want to continue to play football”.  My guess is one of two things, either Kyle realized the hard work it would take starting over as a third string quarterback and that hit him when he got to camp, or Kyle got to camp and realized he was not in the shape he needed to be in to compete, and chose instead to give up.  Regardless, I f0und it to be a very odd story.


On the Eagles side, the injury list includes Brent Celek, who always seems banged up, and losing camp reps won’t hurt him too much, it also lets the young tight ends get more reps.  The Eagles have yet to make a move in at the tight end position and Shiancoe ended up signing in New England so he is off the table.  Also hurt is Jason Babin and more tests are coming.  The defensive line is deep enough that this also isn’t of too much concern right now unless the injury turns out to be severe.  The last injury to note is a broken Collarbone for Riley Cooper.  I like Riley and think he has some good potential but again more reps for the young guys is never a bad thing.  Marvin McNutt has a real chance to take Cooper’s spot in the rotation and if Damaris Johnson keeps up the strong play, Cooper could suddenly be fighting for a roster spot.  If I thought he would be worth anything solid in return, I would even suggest making a trade to the wide out needy New York Jets, where he could play with his college quarterback Tim Tebow.  Either way, with our ‘big’ wide receiver hurt expect the Plaxico talk to ramp back up again.  Honestly, if the Eagles did ultimately deem Plax healthy and able to contribute, I actually would be for it.


Lastly, the Phillies are supposedly now is sell mode with this season lost.  Cole Hamels got the long term extension I said I was hoping for, so he won’t be going anywhere.   Outside of him, I wouldn’t be crushed to see anyone else go, if it means getting a few top prospects on offense back in return.  This Phillies team, particularly on offense, has become very very old and there doesn’t appear to be all that much long term talent in their farm system outside of maybe Dominac Brown, who flashed some potential down the line last season and Freddy Galvis who looked alright in place of Chase Utley early in the season before fracturing his back and receiving a 50 game banned substance suspension.  As their roster sits currently, the only offensive players the Phillies have under the age of 30 are John Mayberry Jr. (28) and Hunter Pence (29) and with most of their top prospects being pitchers, it would be great to add a couple of young talented hitters before the end of the season.  Particularly, looking at potential MLB ready types, my eyes are on Jurickson Profar and Mike Olt, both stuck in the minors in Texas because of their already potent offense, and possibly available while the Rangers search for one more starting pitcher.


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