Eagles roster predictions Update

Just a quick run down of the changes to my last post about my predicted Eagles 53 man roster before the official cuts come in.  A few players have grown on me while I’m done with a few others.


QB – no real changes although I’ve never been a Kafka fan and wouldn’t mind seeing Trent Edwards stick around as the 3

RB – Last night Chris Polk showed a burst I hadn’t seen yet, I think he has earned a spot.  Rumors that the Eagles may trade one of their backups are surfacing so expect all 4 to make the initial roster in addition to Havili

WR – I was keeping McNutt before based on potential, but he is gone.  I love Mardy Gilyard and am more than happy to keep him instead as the 6th WR, at least while Cooper is out.

TE – I still think only the top 2 guys are in, Brackett needs another practice squad year and I just can’t see keeping Ford over a guy like Chris Polk.  Probably an area where Howie and company are watching the cuts list

OL – Demetress Bell is done, he has been terrible.  After the 5 starters its Dennis Kelly, Julian Vandervelde and I’ll say Dallas Reynolds over Steve Vallos.  Bell’s spot on my initial roster goes to Chris Polk.


DL – The ends are set, I just don’t see a way Tapp sticks around but they may keep him and deal him over the next week.  I’m also thinking Antonio Dixon is gone.  Frank Trotter has played his way into practice squad consideration.  I’m cutting Dixon and leaving Tapp off.

LB – Top 6 guys are the same with the change that, for now, Akeem Jordon is starting.  I cut Antonio Dixon so I can keep Keenan Clayton.  I hate the way the tackles but he is suck a good special teamer and athlete.  Teach him Strong Safety please.  Ryan Rau looks like a player and I hope he at least makes it to the practice squad.

CB – Nnamdi, DRC, Boykin and Marsh are all locked in.  I think Joselio stays and Brandon Hughes rounds out the group but Lindley made a good, late push.  No changes from my original here although I would still love if they were comfortable enough with Boykin to move Hanson.

S – Jaiquawn Jarrett has earned his spot back.  I think OJ Atogwe might be gone because of all of his injuries, he just can’t stay healthy.  In a last minute decision I am going to cut him and call back Chase Ford as the 3rd TE, provided I haven’t traded for another defensive tackle by now.


Big changes:  I cut Demetress Bell, Antonio Dixon and OJ Atogwe from my initial roster and chose to keep Chris Polk, Keenan Clayton and Chase Ford.  I fully expect at least one guy to get traded and at least one outsider to be brought in, something I have no way to accurately predict, but this is what I would personally do with the Eagles 53.


My 8 man practice squad:

Emil Igwenagu

Brett Brackett

Brandon Washington

Monte Taylor

Frank Trotter

Ryan Rau

Cliff Harris

Phillip Thomas


(other guys I wouldn’t mind keeping whether its practice squad or IR or something.  Jamal Hamler, DJ Jones, Ollie Ogbu)


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