Eagles 53 man roster recap

A quick review of who the Eagles kept and how I did in predicting.  You can like to the teams roster here.


QB – Vick, Foles, Edwards – I said I wanted to keep Edwards over Kafka so I’m taking credit for all 3.

RB – McCoy, Lewis, Brown, Polk, Havili – Nailed it, great final game by Polk to lock up his spot.

WR – Jackson, Maclin, Avant, Cooper, Johnson – I had the Eagles keeping 6, they went with 5, I assume this means Cooper is almost ready to play again.

TE – Celek, Harbor – Got this one right too, but I still expect a move here in the near future.

OL – Dunlap, Mathis, Kelce, Watkins, Herremans, Bell, Kelly, Reynolds – I wanted Bell gone but it didn’t happen.  Vandervelde originally made the team but was cut to sign David Sims.  7 of 8 correct for me.


DE – Cole, Babin, Hunt, Graham, Tapp, Curry – The Eagles managed to keep all 6 ends, rumor has it Tapp took a pay cut to stay.  I had 5 sticking on the team so minus 1 more for me.

DT – Jenkins, Cox, Landri, Thornton – Several of the DEs have the ability to move inside in passing situations and Cox and Thornton have been impressive so 4 is enough for now.  A move is possible for depth but letting Antonio Dixon go was the right move and I was right with all 4.

LB – Ryans, Kendricks, Jordon, Matthews, Chaney, Rolle – These 6 were easy, I made a late addition to keep Keenan Clayton against common sense and it was a poor choice as he didn’t make the team.  Opps, minus 1 more for me, that’s 4 wrong so far.

CB – Asomugha, Rodgers-Cromartie, Boykin, Marsh, Hughes, Lindley – One spot where I’m happy to be wrong.  I felt Hanson might stick around and keep a guy like Lindley off the team but they let the veteran go.  Should of trusted myself.

S – Allen, Coleman, Jarrett, Anderson, Sims – This was a bit of a suprise position as Colt Anderson was activated and then the Birds traded for David Sims.  11 defensive backs seems like an awful lot to me but I will love all the speed on special teams.


ST – Henery, Henry and Dorenbos – nothing to shocking here


I was wrong in a couple places but in the end I got 48 of the 53 players correct.  I did not have Tapp, Bell, Lindley, Anderson or Sims on my final roster.  To be fair, Anderson was still on the PUP list and Sims was a late addition via trade but still, I’m happy with 48.  Can’t wait for 1:00pm Sunday!

Here is the Eagles Schedule if you want to jump there quickly.


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