Eagles Draft Review

Round 1 – Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

Lane Johnson was not only the most athletic offensive tackle in this draft class, but one of the most athletic tackles in the past decade.  Jason Peters is an All-Pro LT but is coming off of a big time injury, and Todd Herremans had a down year at RT.  From all accounts, Chip Kelly plans to run an incredibly up-tempo offense that will require great conditioning from the entire team.  Lane has huge upside and is an incredibly gifted athlete for an offensive linemen, as he played QB in junior college and TE when first arriving at Oklahoma (Peters is also a former TE).  Lane also as starting experience at both LT and RT.  Huge upgrade to an offensive line that has the chance to be really good.

Round 2 – Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford

Zach Ertz is a big, athletic TE from a team all too familiar to Chip Kelly.  Chip drafted several players from the PAC-12 and I can only imagine it was a result of his seeing them up-close in game experience.  Chip has game planned against many of these players as recently as a few months ago and should have a good feel for their talent and value.  Back to Ertz, he is a big tight end, a capable run blocker, and runs routes and catches the ball well enough to play wide receiver.  Brent Celek has been a good, solid player for the Eagles, and initially Ertz will be a great complimentary player.  Ultimately Ertz should take over for Celek and should prove to be an upgrade.  In combination with recently signed James Casey, who will fill a H-back type role in place of a traditional FB, the Eagles have the ability to line up in certain formations with all 3 players on the field at once.  Ertz can easily split out wide and Casey can line up anywhere from the backfield to out wide.  In an offense predicated on creating mismatches, this is another great pick.

Round 3 – Bennie Logan, DL, LSU

In an SEC heavy draft, this was the only player the from the conference the Eagles drafted (although they did sign some UDFAs).  Logan is a great pick for the Eagles as they look to shift from a 4-3 defense for what could be a hybrid 4-3 under or a pure 3-4, as he offers a lot of versatility along the defensive line.  Logan is also, by all accounts, a great person, teammate and team leader, something that goes along with a common theme of high character players drafted by the Eagles this year.  Logan was used in many different ways at LSU and will surely be used the same way in Philadelphia.  He should be able to play any position on the DL in the 3-4 and will have immediate value as rotational NT behind Isaac Sopoaga.  Logan could also challenge for a starting spot elsewhere on the line, depending on the coaches plans for him and for the defense.  Another really smart pick.

Round 4 – Matt Barkley, QB, USC

In the forth round the Eagles trade up and take….Matt Barkley?  Not exactly what Eagles fans were expecting, but a great pick for several reasons.  Barkley has obvious talent as a former national Gatorade High School player of the year who became a starter as a true freshman at USC, not something easy to do.  After 3 years, Barkley looked like the best player in college football, and prior to the start of the season it looked like he would lead USC to a national title and pick up a Heisman Trophy in the process.  His senior year didn’t go as planned, however, and there he sat in the 4th round for Chip Kelly and the Eagles.  In his 4 years at USC, Barkley went 1-3 vs the Oregon Ducks, with his only win coming during his outstanding junior season.  In last season’s matchup against Kelly’s team, despite a poor season overall, Barkley completed 35 of 54 pass attempts for 484 yards, 5 TDs and 2 INTs in a 62-51 loss.  Chip Kelly knows all of Barkley’s strengths and weakness and surely values his talent and work ethic.  The scouts rave about his quick decision making ability, something that is key in playing in a fast-paced offense.  Barkley is also an outstanding individual, doing Tim Tebow-esque type volunteer work outside of school.  A lot of people assume this pick means Kelly is leaning more towards guys like Foles and Barkley now, more-so than guys like Vick or Dixon, but it is all about getting talent at every position.  If Vick shows he should be the starter, the offense will be tailored to fit his strengths, and the same goes for Foles or Barkley or Dixon or anyone else.  In the 4th round you don’t take a quarterback expecting a Hall-of-Famer or even a starter, so if he never develops in to more than a backup, this is still a great value pick. If he becomes even just a solid starter in the league, this pick was a steal.

Round 5 – Earl Wolff, S, NC State

The Eagles signed 4 potential starters in the secondary in free agency in order to allow them to draft who they wanted and not have to focus on need.  Still, the secondary was not to be ignored, and Earl Wolff appears to be a great find in the 5th round.  I am proud to say he is a fellow sport management major and another apparently very high character player.  He also has family from Philadelphia and they were wearing their Eagles gear during the draft and Wolff even commented that he was coming ‘home’.  Wolff could be considered a tad small for safety in the NFL, but his combine measurables (IE 4.4 speed) are outstanding.  So are his tackle numbers provided by the team.  Wolff is not a big hit, penalty drawing safety, but rather a solid wrap-up tackler.  Wolff could potentially play either safety position, won’t need to start immediately and will be able to develop, and should provide value on special teams right away.  Another pick I really like.

Round 7 – Joe Kruger, DE, Utah

Back to the PAC-12, Kruger comes from a football heavy family.  Most notably, his brother, Paul, now plays for the Browns after winning the Super Bowl in Baltimore last year.  Kruger is very young, very big, and very raw (6’6″, 270 and only 20 years old).  He was available in the 7th round because he hasn’t really done anything yet and left school a year early, so right now he is all potential.  Kruger has the ability to play in a variety of schemes and has a lot of versatility (sound familiar yet?) and played multiple positions in college.  In Philadelphia he projects to be a 3-4 DE but could play 4-3 DE  as well.  It is possible he could even lineup at LB in some schemes but probably unlikely.  As far as 7th rounders go, Kruger has as much or more potential to develop into a future starter as anyone, and fills a need for depth along the DL, so I love this pick as well.

Round 7 – Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State

PAC-12 again, and an AP All-American first-team player, in the 7th round.  Most experts has Poyer ranked inside the top 110 players and expected him to be drafted in the range of the 2nd-4th rounds.  In February, pre combine, Mike Mayock had Poyer listed as his 5th best CB in the entire draft class.  Poyer had a poor combine, however, running slow and lacking any measurables for speed, explosion or strength, and his draft stock dropped.  He can play press coverage but is also at home playing off and is intelligent enough to play within the defense and know when to jump the pass and when not to.  Poyer is a former MLB draft pick and played at a high level in a major college conference, so despite the combine numbers, there has to be athleticism there. The fact that he fell to the Eagles in the 7th round could turn out to be the steal of the draft.  Sure, its possible that he doesn’t have the physical ability or speed to play in the NFL, but, like Kruger, his upside is also very high for a 7th round pick, and for that reason I again love the pick.

Round 7 – David King, DE, Oklahoma

The draft ended the way it started, with a linemen from Oklahoma.  King is, surprise, a versatile player who is considered a tweener at the NFL level.  King can play DE and DT in the 4-3, and DE in the 3-4, and should be useful as a depth guy for the new Eagles defense.  King may not have the ability to make it in the NFL as he had trouble finding his place on the defense and getting on the field in college.  He will compete to be a backup along the DL and doesn’t thrill me in the way that the other two 7th rounders do, but at the same time, he does have ability, fits the theme of the draft for versatile players who can play several sports, and fills a need for depth on the DL, so I have no problem with this pick.

Undrafted Free Agents

Russell Shepard, Athlete, LSU – Shepard is a player with athletic ability (4.4 speed, 10′ broad jump, 38″ vertical jump) and with size at 6’1″ and almost 200 lbs.  What Shepard is lacking is a position.  He came into college as a duel threat QB and when that didn’t work, rather than giving up, switched to a hybrid RB/WR, finishing his 4 year LSU career with 58 catches for 570 yards and 5 TDs and 104 rushes for 716 yards and 5 more TDs.  Some scouts are actually saying his best chance in the NFL could even be as a defensive back.  He has experience in special teams coverage and could potentially be a return man as well.  He could be an interesting player to watch if the coaching staff can find a spot to use him.  He seems like a perfect weapon in the offense game for Chip Kelly as a player who can do a little of everything.

Brad Wing, Punter, LSU – The third Tiger the team added this weekend, Wing is an interesting player.  Wing has dozens of character concerns, including multiple failed drug tests and could be a big risk off the field.  He was eventually kicked out of school even, the reason a punter is available after only 2 years in college.  As a player, however, Wing is incredibly talented and on skill alone would have easily been draft pick.  His punt average each of his 2 seasons at LSU was over 44 yards and looking at last season’s game log you see long punts of over 55 yards in 7 of the 11 games in which he played, including 5 over 60 yards and one punt that went 69 yards.  Watching an LSU game, his booming punts stood out.  Wing could absolutely become the starting punter for the Eagles for years to come, and a good one at that.  On the other hand he could be suspended and kicked out of the league by the end of the year as well.

Kyle Quinn, C, Arizona – Quinn started at Center the last two years for the Wildcats and is a good, solid center who is can do a little bit of everything.  He was the center for Nick Foles in his last year at Arizona and for Matt Scott in an entirely different style of offense this past year.  He can absolutely compete to be the backup center for the Eagles this season.

Damion Square, DL, Alabama – Another versatile SEC defensive linemen.  Square started 31 games for Alabama but is simply average in terms of production and athleticism.  He is talented enough to make the roster as a backup, and versatile enough to be used in many positions, like pretty much every single player the Eagles have targeted.

Jake Knott, LB, Iowa State – Outstanding college linebacker and playmaker who just doesn’t appear to have the athleticism or physicality to play in the NFL.  He will compete with the likes of Casey Matthews for a back inside linebacker position.

Matt Tobin, OL, Iowa – Started at LG and LT the last 2 years but isn’t compelling in any way.  Still, he has experience and can compete to be a backup guard, but ultimately, Tobin probably isn’t more than a camp body.

Isaac Remington, DL, Oregon – Finally, an Oregon Duck is picked up for Chip Kelly.  Remington is 6’6″ and nearly 300 pounds and has experience playing for Kelly and for DL coach Jerry Azzinaro.  Sadly that is where the positives end and he is merely a camp body who might be able to help the other new guys learn the system.

Miguel Maysonet, RB, Stony Brook and Matthew Tucker, RB, TCU – I am putting the two running backs together here at the end, even though they are complete opposites.  Maysonet is 5’9″, 209 pounds and a super productive (4725 yards and 48 TDs) D-I AA running back without any outstanding physical traits.  He plays much bigger than his size, doesn’t go down on first contact and knows how to hit the hole hard.  If you want to fall in love with the kid, watch the highlights from the Syracuse game.  If you are short on time, just skip to the 2:27 mark and enjoy the big play.  One thing that jumps out to me is his intelligence in some key plays in this video, such has a first down run from their own goal line or a 4th and 1 situation.

Tucker, on the other hand, is 6’0″ 220 pounds and is bigger, faster and stronger than Maysonet.  He is also a north-south runner but only has about half the production as Maysonet and spent most of his time sharing the backfield at TCU.  Both of these backs have the ability to compete with Chris Polk for the 3rd running back spot, and depending on the offensive plans, 2 of these 3 guys may even make the team.  It will come down to which guys are best at the little things like pass protection, and who can be used as a receiver out of the backfield when needed.  I’m cheering for Maysonet though.

Last year’s draft landed Fletcher Cox, Mychal Kendricks, Vinny Curry and Brandon Boykin on defense, and had me really excited as they all looked like they could be big time contributors.  Nick Foles grew on me in camp and pre-season and the draft class looks to be one of the best in years.  This year’s draft class has a lot of the same potential and has me just as excited for the future of the team.  The Eagles landed 7 or 8 guys who can potentially become starters or at least key reserves and brought in a lot of versatility for the new coaching regime.   I cannot wait to see this team in action.


1 More for fun

Alright, I did one last mock draft, 1st round only.  In this one I went with free-for-all trades (and no, I took no consideration on the actual pieces that would be required to make the trade happen).  The first column is the original list of picks, the second notes who is picking at that spot instead due to a trade, and then lastly is the name of the pick.  I hope everyone enjoys these, I can’t wait for tomorrow night!


Note:  I do want the Eagles to trade down, but by the looks of it, 11 is too far down for them to get any of the players I would really be interested in.  I would be ok with Miliner but would prefer several other players.  In this scenario I hope they receive strong compensation; based on the draft pick points chart, they would be able to get the Chargers 2nd rounder (#45 overall) and another pick.  I would gladly take Dee Miliner and an extra 2nd round pick.


Traded Pick Trades pick
1 (1)Chiefs Eric Fisher
2 (2)Jaguars Dion Jordon
3 (3)Raiders Lions Luke Joeckel
4 (4)Eagles Chargers Lane Johnson
5 (5)Lions Raiders Star Lotulelei
6 (6)Browns Geno Smith
7 (7)Cardinals Ziggy Ansah
8 (8)Bills Tavon Austin
9 (9)Jets Barkevious Mingo
10 (10)Titans Panthers Shariff Floyd
11 (11)Chargers Eagles Dee Milliner
12 (12)Dolphins DJ Hayden
13 (13)Jets DJ Fluker
14 (14)Panthers Titans Jonathan Cooper
15 (15)Saints Kenny Vaccaro
16 (16)Rams Alec Ogletree
17 (17)Steelers Cordarelle Patterson
18 (18)Cowboys Chance Warmack
19 (19)Giants Sheldon Richardson
20 (20)Bears Desmond Trufant
21 (21)Bengals Eddie Lacy
22 (22)RamsFromSkins DeAndre Hopkins
23 (23)Vikings Sylvester Williams
24 (24)Colts Jarvis Jones
25 (25)VikingsFromHawks Tank Carradine
26 (26)Packers Cards Tyler Eifert
27 (27)Texans Justin Hunter
28 (28)Broncos Bills Ryan Nassib
29 (29)Patriots Jamar Taylor
30 (30)Falcons Bjoern Werner
31 (31)49ers Xavier Rhodes
32 (32)Ravens Cowboys Eric Reid

Mock Draft Number 2

My friend Tim and I usually both do a mock draft each year and compete for bragging rights over who got the most picks right.  Here is his thoughts for the first round, again no trading.


Pick Team Player School Position
1 Kansas City Chiefs Luke Joeckel Texas A&M OT
2 Jacksonville Jaguars Dion Jordan Oregon DE/OLB
3 Oakland Raiders Shariff Floyd Florida DT
4 Philadelphia Eagles Star Lotulelei Utah DT
5 Detroit Lions Eric Fisher Central Michigan OT
6 Cleveland Browns Ziggy Ansah BYU DE/OLB
7 Arizona Cardinals Lane Johnson Oklahoma OT
8 Buffalo Bills Geno Smith West Virginia QB
9 New York Jets Barkevious Mingo LSU DE/OLB
10 Tennessee Titans Dee Millner Alabama CB
11 San Diego Chargers Chance Warmack Alabama OG
12 Miami Dolphins D.J. Fluker Alabama OT
13 New York Jets Ryan Nassib Syracuse QB
14 Carolina Panthers Sheldon Richardson Missouri DT
15 New Orleans Saints Jarvis Jones Georgia DE/OLB
16 St. Louis Rams Cordarelle Patterson Tennessee WR
17 Pittsburgh Steelers Xavier Rhodes Florida St CB
18 Dallas Cowboys Kenny Vaccaro Texas S
19 New York Giants Tank Carradine Florida St DE
20 Chicago Bears Tavon Austin West Virginia WR
21 Cincinnati Bengals Jonathan Cooper UNC OG
22 St. Louis Rams Alec Ogletree Georgia ILB
23 Minnesota Vikings Desmond Trufant Washington CB
24 Indianapolis Colts Eddie Lacy Alabama RB
25 Minnesota Vikings Manti Te’o Notre Dame ILB
26 Green Bay Packers Tyler Eifert Notre Dame TE
27 Houston Texans Robert Woods USC WR
28 Denver Broncos Sylvester Williams UNC DT
29 New England Patriots Matt Elam Florida S
30 Atlanta Falcons Bjeorn Werner Florida St DE
31 San Francisco 49ers Margus Hunt SMU DE
32 Baltimore Ravens Keenan Allen California WR

Mock Draft Time!

Alright, after many hours of looking at rosters, reading other mocks, scouting reports and rumors, I finally finished my mock draft, 2 rounds worth.  It is inherently wrong because of my hate for this quarterback class, so I’m sure there will be more than 2 quarterbacks taken and they certainly won’t last until the second round.  That said, I did not include any trades either, which also makes it impossible for it to be accurate.  I simply tried to match up players with teams on which I feel they would fit.  I would love your comments and thoughts, I am more than willing to discuss and argue for the picks I made.


Position Name
1 (1)Chiefs OT Luke Joeckel
2 (2)Jaguars OT Eric Fisher
3 (3)Raiders LB/DE Dion Jordon
4 (4)Eagles OT Lane Johnson
5 (5)Lions DE Ziggy Ansah
6 (6)Browns CB Dee Milliner
7 (7)Cardinals DT Star Lotulelei
8 (8)Bills WR Tavon Austin
9 (9)Jets LB/DE Barkevious Mingo
10 (10)Titans OG Jonathan Cooper
11 (11)Chargers OT DJ Fluker
12 (12)Dolphins DT Shariff Floyd
13 (13)Jets CB DJ Hayden
14 (14)Panthers S Kenny Vaccaro
15 (15)Saints DT Sheldon Richardson
16 (16)Rams LB Alec Ogletree
17 (17)Steelers LB Jarvis Jones
18 (18)Cowboys OG Chance Warmack
19 (19)Giants TE Tyler Eifert
20 (20)Bears LB Arthur Brown
21 (21)Bengals RB Eddie Lacy
22 (22)RamsFromSkins WR DeAndre Hopkins
23 (23)Vikings DT Sylvester Williams
24 (24)Colts DE Tank Carradine
25 (25)VikingsFromHawks WR Cordarelle Patterson
26 (26)Packers DE Margus Hunt
27 (27)Texans OT Menelik Watson
28 (28)Broncos DE Bjoern Werner
29 (29)Patriots CB Jamar Taylor
30 (30)Falcons CB Desmond Trufant
31 (31)49ers CB Xavier Rhodes
32 (32)Ravens LB Kevin Minter

1 (33)Jaguars




Geno Smith

2 (34)49ersFrom Chiefs S Jonathan Cyprien
3 (35)Eagles S Eric Reid
4 (36)Lions OT Terron Armstead
5 (37)BengalsFrom Raiders S Matt Elam
6 (38)Cardinals TE Zach Ertz
7 (39)Jets RB Jonathan Franklin
8 (40)Titans CB Jonathan Banks
9 (41)Bills QB Ryan Nassib
10 (42)Dolphins OL Justin Pugh
11 (43)Buccaneers WR Robert Woods
12 (44)Panthers WR Markus Wheaton
13 (45)Chargers RB Montee Ball
14 (46)Rams OL Dallas Thomas
15 (47)Cowboys OL Kyle Long
16 (48)Steelers DE Datone Jones
17 (49)Giants OG Larry Warford
18 (50)Bears DT Kawann Short
19 (51)Redskins S DJ Swearinger
20 (52)Vikings LB Manti T’eo
21 (53)Bengals CB Darius Slay
22 (54)DolphinsFrom Colts CB David Amerson
23 (55)Packers OL David Quessenberry
24 (56)Seahawks WR Terrance Williams
25 (57)Texans WR Justin Hunter
26 (58)Broncos CB Dwayne Gratz
27 (59)Patriots DT Jonathan Hankins
28 (60)Falcons DE Damontre Moore
29 (61)49ers DT Jesse Williams
30 (62)Ravens S Phillip Thomas

Position Ranks

I still haven’t finished my mock draft because I am spending entirely more time on it than I should, considering I’m sure I’ll be wrong, everyone always is.  In the mean time I have compiled a list of the top players at each position.  I’ve included most of the players who are projected to get drafted based on a few different sites I’ve been researching, plus threw in some names of guys I like, on in the case of 7th round talent, guys I’ve ever even heard of.  Running back and Wide receivers have some overflow listed underneath QBs and TEs respectively.  I grouped the players with others I consider comparable in talent or draft value.


Geno Smith Eddie Lacy Tavon Austin Tyler Eifert Luke Joeckel Chance Warmack Travis Frederick
Cordarelle Patterson Lane Johnson Jonathan Cooper Brian Schwenke
Ryan Nassib Montee Ball Zach Ertz Eric Fisher Barrett Jones
Tyler Wilson Jonathan Franklin Keenan Allen Kyle Long
Zac Dysert Justin Hunter Gavin Escobar DJ Fluker Dallas Thomas Khaled Holmes
Mike Glennon Gio Bernard DeAndre Hopkins Travis Kelce Menelik Watson
Tyler Bray Le’Veon Bell Robert Woods Vance McDonald Terron Armstead Larry Warford Dalton Freeman
Matt Barkley Christine Michael Markus Wheaton Justin Pugh Brian Winters Matt Stankiewitch
EJ Manuel Andre Ellington Marquise Goodwin Jordan Reed Alvin Bailey Braxston Cave
Terrance Williams Nick Kasa David Bakhtiari Oday Aboushi PJ Lonergan
Matt Scott Marcus Lattimore Quinton Patton Ryan Otten David Quessenberry Earl Watford TJ Johnson
Joseph Randle Dion Sims Hugh Thornton Joe Madsen
Landry Jones Mike Gillislee Stedman Bailey Brennan Williams JC Tretter Mario Benavides
Ryan Griffin Aaron Dobson Chris Gragg Reid Fragel
Jeff Tuel Kenjon Barner Da’Rick Rogers Mychal Rivera Jordan Mills Edmund Kugbila Eric Kush
Sean Renfree Kerwynn Williams Ryan Swope Matt Furstenburg Xavier Nixon Patrick Omameh Graham Pocic
Jake Stoneburner Ricky Wagner Matt Gavin-Summers
Jordan Rodgers Stepfan Taylor Josh Boyce Levine Toilolo Oscar Johnson
Ryan Aplin Rex Burkhead Denard Robinson Garrett Gilkey
Knile Davis Tavarres King Joseph Fauria
Kenny Stills Phillip Lutzenkirchen
Robbie Rouse Chris Harper Michael Williams
Michael Ford Cobi Hamilton
Cierre Wood
Jawan Jamison Zach Rodgers
CJ Anderson Macrus Davis
George Winn Ray Graham Corey Fuller DeVonte Christopher
Montel Harris Onterio McCalebb Aaron Mellette Roy Roundtree
Spencer Ware Miguel Maysonet Conner Vernon Russell Sheppard
DJ Harper Zac Stacy Charles Johnson Marquess Wilson
Chris Thompson Latavius Murray Ace Sanders TJ Moe
Theo Riddick

Special Teams

Ziggy Ansah Shariff Floyd Dion Jordan Arthur Brown Dee Milliner Kenny Vaccaro Dustin Hopkins
Star Lotulelei Barkevious Mingo Xavier Rhodes Jonathan Cyprien Caleb Sturgis
Bjoern Werner Kevin Minter Desmond Trufant
Tank Carradine Sheldon Richardson Jarvis Jones Manti Te’o DJ Hayden Eric Reid Brad Wing
Margus Hunt Sylvester Williams Alec Ogletree Kiko Alonso Matt Elam Quinn Sharp
Jamar Taylor Jeff Locke
Datone Jones Jesse Williams Khaseem Greene Kevin Reddick Jonathan Banks DJ Swearinger
Damontre Moore Jonathan Hankins Jamie Collins AJ Klein David Amerson Shamarko Thomas
Alex Okafor Kawann Short Darius Slay Bacarri Rambo
Corey Lemonier John Jenkins Chase Thomas Keith Pough Dwayne Gratz Phillip Thomas
Sam Montgomery Bennie Logan Sio Moore Jon Bostic TJ McDonald
John Simon Jelani Jenkins Nico Johnson Blidi Wreh-Wilson
Cornelius Washington Brandon Williams Jonathan Stewart Jordan Poyer JJ Wilcox
Michael Buchanan Sean Porter Steve Beauharnis Robert Alford Shawn Williams
Akeem Spence Trevardo Williams Tyrann Mathieu Zeke Motta
Lavar Edwards Jordan Hill Zaviar Gooden Bruce Taylor Leon McFadden Tony Jefferson
Malliciah Goodman Josh Boyd Gerald Hodges Tom Wort Duke Willaims
David Bass Montori Hughes Jake Knott Logan Ryan
William Gholston Everett Dawkins Michael Clay Tharold Simon John Boyett
Devin Taylor DeVonte Holloman BW Webb Josh Evans
Joe Kruger Kwame Geathers Sanders Commings Ray Ray Armstrong
Mike Catapano Cory Grissom Michael Mauti Brandon McGee Robert Lester
David King Anthony McCloud Johnny Adams Ray Polk
Stansly Maponga Jamarkus McFarland Jamoris Slaughter
Brandon Jenkins Stacy McGee Will Davis
Quanterus Smith Brent Russell Terry Hawthorne
Quinton Dial Nickell Robey
Lawrence Okoye Adrian Bushell
Josh Johnson
Abry Jones Marcus Cromartie
Marc Anthony
Corey Broomfield

Big Board and a fun game of revolving quarterbacks

First a miscellaneous notes on quarterback that I am behind on; I love one of the quarterback shifts this offseason and it wasn’t any of the new starters, but rather two new backups.  Matt Hasselback to Indy and Ryan Fitzpatrick to Tennessee.  The Titans move on from grooming Jake Locker and now have a backup who should push Locker for the starting job.  Hopefully this brings out the best in him.  Or shows he really is not the answer.  The Colts, meanwhile, get a valuable backup quarterback and mentor for Andrew Luck.


Moving on to this years rookie quarterback class, it is ugly, in fact the other day I compared it to the 2007 draft class.  JaMarcus Russell went 1st overall and Brady Quinn 22nd.  The second round had the likes of Kevin Kolb, John Beck and Drew Stanton.  Trent Edwards(3rd), Jeff Rowe(5th), Heisman Winner Troy Smith(5th), Jordan Palmer(6th) and Tyler Thigpen(7th) rounded out the quarterbacks that year.

Of this group, the most productive at the NFL level have been Kevin Kolb and Trent Edwards.  Kolb is now on his third team and Edwards is on the street looking for his 4th NFL team to play for.  Tyler Thigpen and Brady Quinn are both still in the league as backups and both also on their 3rd teams.  Drew Stanton, also on his third team, has never had a chance to start.  JaMarcus Russell was a giant bust in several ways.


A fun game is to follow the teams of these players.  Beck was drafted by the Dolphins and went to the Redskins.  Thigpen was signed by Miami to replace Beck, after being drafted by Kansas City, where Brady Quinn now plays.  Thigpen is now on the street after last playing for Buffalo, who brought him in to replace Trent Edwards.  Trent Edwards went to the Jags for one year, where Jordan Palmer, who was drafted by Washington, last played.  Edwards spent last season in Philadelphia, where he replaced Kevin Kolb.  Guess where Kolb now is, Buffalo.  And Drew Stanton replaces Kolb in Arizona.  If your team is looking for a quarterback this year and they don’t get the one you want, hold out for a couple years, he might end up on your team eventually.



On to this draft.  I’m working on a Mock Draft right now, but I thought I would start by putting up my personal big board.  I went 25 deep and grouped them into 3 sets.  Feel free to tell me who I missed or why someone should be higher or lower.  Based on my thoughts on this years quarterback class, don’t be surprised when you don’t see any of them listed below.


Group 1 (top 10):

OT Luke Joeckel

LB/DE Dion Jordon

OT Lane Johnson

OT Eric Fisher

DT Shariff Floyd

DE Ziggy Ansah

OG Jonathan Cooper

OG Chance Warmack

CB Dee Milliner

WR Cordarelle Patterson


Group 2:

WR Tavon Austin

CB Xavier Rhodes

DT Star Lotulelei

LB/DE Barkevious Mingo

DE Tank Carradine

DT Sheldon Richardson

DE Bjoern Werner

OT DJ Fluker


Group 3:

CB Desmond Trufant

CB DJ Hayden

DE Margus Hunt

WR Justin Hunter

OT Menelik Watson

DT Sylvester Williams

S  Kenny Vaccaro