Big Board and a fun game of revolving quarterbacks

First a miscellaneous notes on quarterback that I am behind on; I love one of the quarterback shifts this offseason and it wasn’t any of the new starters, but rather two new backups.  Matt Hasselback to Indy and Ryan Fitzpatrick to Tennessee.  The Titans move on from grooming Jake Locker and now have a backup who should push Locker for the starting job.  Hopefully this brings out the best in him.  Or shows he really is not the answer.  The Colts, meanwhile, get a valuable backup quarterback and mentor for Andrew Luck.


Moving on to this years rookie quarterback class, it is ugly, in fact the other day I compared it to the 2007 draft class.  JaMarcus Russell went 1st overall and Brady Quinn 22nd.  The second round had the likes of Kevin Kolb, John Beck and Drew Stanton.  Trent Edwards(3rd), Jeff Rowe(5th), Heisman Winner Troy Smith(5th), Jordan Palmer(6th) and Tyler Thigpen(7th) rounded out the quarterbacks that year.

Of this group, the most productive at the NFL level have been Kevin Kolb and Trent Edwards.  Kolb is now on his third team and Edwards is on the street looking for his 4th NFL team to play for.  Tyler Thigpen and Brady Quinn are both still in the league as backups and both also on their 3rd teams.  Drew Stanton, also on his third team, has never had a chance to start.  JaMarcus Russell was a giant bust in several ways.


A fun game is to follow the teams of these players.  Beck was drafted by the Dolphins and went to the Redskins.  Thigpen was signed by Miami to replace Beck, after being drafted by Kansas City, where Brady Quinn now plays.  Thigpen is now on the street after last playing for Buffalo, who brought him in to replace Trent Edwards.  Trent Edwards went to the Jags for one year, where Jordan Palmer, who was drafted by Washington, last played.  Edwards spent last season in Philadelphia, where he replaced Kevin Kolb.  Guess where Kolb now is, Buffalo.  And Drew Stanton replaces Kolb in Arizona.  If your team is looking for a quarterback this year and they don’t get the one you want, hold out for a couple years, he might end up on your team eventually.



On to this draft.  I’m working on a Mock Draft right now, but I thought I would start by putting up my personal big board.  I went 25 deep and grouped them into 3 sets.  Feel free to tell me who I missed or why someone should be higher or lower.  Based on my thoughts on this years quarterback class, don’t be surprised when you don’t see any of them listed below.


Group 1 (top 10):

OT Luke Joeckel

LB/DE Dion Jordon

OT Lane Johnson

OT Eric Fisher

DT Shariff Floyd

DE Ziggy Ansah

OG Jonathan Cooper

OG Chance Warmack

CB Dee Milliner

WR Cordarelle Patterson


Group 2:

WR Tavon Austin

CB Xavier Rhodes

DT Star Lotulelei

LB/DE Barkevious Mingo

DE Tank Carradine

DT Sheldon Richardson

DE Bjoern Werner

OT DJ Fluker


Group 3:

CB Desmond Trufant

CB DJ Hayden

DE Margus Hunt

WR Justin Hunter

OT Menelik Watson

DT Sylvester Williams

S  Kenny Vaccaro


2 thoughts on “Big Board and a fun game of revolving quarterbacks

  1. Tim says:

    I still believe in Star, and think he should be in the top 10, if not top 3. Desmond Trufant is my #2 CB over Xavier. Also, I think having Patterson in the top 10 is insane. I haven’t seen much, but what I’ve seen has been incredibly subpar. I’d say he takes minimum 3 years to develop, which is too long for a first rounder

  2. The top group of cornerbacks is going to be on preference because I have seen some people rank Hayden as the #1 overall CB even. Rhodes has some issues but the most upside to me. Star absolutely has top 5 potential, I guess I’m still a little scared by the heart thing. Patterson I will admit was more of a best WR thing that I put him there because I don’t know a ton about him.

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