Baseball All-Rookies Roster part 2

I just published my pitching staff for my all rookie team so on to the batters now.  Again, I’m sticking to only players that have been called up already and using primarily their current season stats as a barometer, while taking into consideration upside and their stats in the minors.


Batting Order:

  1. LF AJ Pollock
  2. CF Yasiel Puig
  3. 2B Jedd Gyorko
  4. C  Evan Gattis
  5. 3B Anthony Rendon
  6. RF Wil Myers
  7. 1B Matt Adams
  8. SS Didi Gregorius
  9. DH Jose Iglesias


Alright so here is why.  First of all I went with a DH so I guess my team is in the American League.  Secondly, I made one assumption, that one of my outfielders can learn to play in left field as both Puig and Myers play primiraly in right and Pollack in center.  Pollack has played a few games in left and Puig in center so I’m sure they could make it work.  I did not break down defensive stats, I’m just planning to outscore everyone with this lineup and to shut them down with my pitching.


Pollack has hit a bit of a cold streak, but still has a .251 average  and 6 stolen bases on the season.  He hit for a strong average in the minors and stole 67 bases over 3 years so the speed is there.

Batting 2nd is the potential filled Yasiel Puig who has been a phenom so far in the major leagues.

3rd for me would be Gyorko who hit 55 homeruns and had 214 RBIs in the last 2 year in the minors.  With a .284 average and 8 homers this season so far, it looks like it might translate.

4th is fan favorite Evan Gattis, who came from nowhere to hit 14 homers this year already.  He hit .308 with 44 HRs over 3 years in the minors though so he should be able to keep it up once he gets back from injury.

Anthony Rendon is hitting .333 in his short time on Nationals roster, and his only problem is staying healthy.

Wil Myers could absolutely move up the lineup as he develops, but 6 is a good place to start for a guy with only 8 starts, and is where he is hitting in real life.  After hitting 37 homers last year in the minors he has 2 already this year in only 10 hits (.294 average).

Matt Adams is another power hitter with 82 homers over about 4 years in the minors.  He is batting .314 over 39 games this year and already has 4 homers.

Didi Gregorius has a solid .293 average so far this year to go with 4 home runs but has yet to steal a base after grabbing 41 of them in the minors.  If the average stays up, he can maintain the power and pick up a few steals, he can stick around in this lineup, otherwise there are guys who will take his place.

Batting last is Jose Iglesias.  Only a .257 hitter in the minors, he has a .426 average over 33 games this year.  He can fill in at 2nd, 3rd or SS and as long as he is hitting, will find a way into the lineup.




  1. Jurickson Profar 2B, 3B, SS, OF
  2. Aaron Hicks CF
  3. Nick Franklin 2B
  4. Nate Freiman 1B
  5. Marcell Ozuna RF/CF


The bench starts with another utility guy in Profar that will be waiting to take at-bats away from Gregorius and Iglesias.  Nick Franklin can also fill in the middle infield, its hard to forget about is 23/25 season in the minors a few years ago.  Nate Freiman is another power hitting first basemen with 71 homers in the minors and a .270 average and 2 homers this year so far.  Aaron Hicks has the potential to take over the centerfield position from Pollock if he can get back on track.  Hicks is only hitting .179 this year but has 6 home runs and 4 stolen bases.  He stole 32 bases at the AA level last year and 92 over 5 years in the minors so he has some legit speed.  The power is newer with a career high 13 home runs at AA last year, but makes him an intriguing prospect.  Lastly Marcell Ozuna is a fill in outfielder with a .294 average, 2 homers and 4 stolen bases this year so far.  I won’t bother with a depth chart, as this team has a lot of versatility and should be able to adjust to who has the hot hand.


If you are keeping track, that is 14 batters and 11 pitchers.  The roster absolutely needs a second catcher, especially since Gattis is hurt in real life, but there weren’t really any options since Travis d’Arnaud is also still hurt and hasn’t made it up yet.  Ozuna would be the first to be hypothetically sent down.


Well, that’s it, that’s my All Rookie team.  Let me hear it.


Baseball All-Rookies Roster part 1

Because this is the type of stuff I think about when I’m bored, I made a 25 man MLB roster, using only rookie eligible prospects that have already been called up.  That means as much as I wanted Billy Hamilton to be my leadoff hitter, he doesn’t fit the specifications.  Basically I look at this as a type of All-Rookie team for the season, but built into an actual roster.  I took into consideration how they have been playing as well as how they performed in the minors.  Let me know what you think, who you would kick off or who you think I left out.


Pitching Staff


  1. Shelby Miller
  2. Gerrit Cole
  3. Zach Wheeler
  4. Julio Teheran
  5. Hyun-Jin Ryu
  6. Trevor Bauer

With so many young arms, I think it makes the most sense to go with a 6 man rotation, one that could be very dominant though.  Miller already has 15 starts this year, with an 8-5 record, 101 Ks over 92.0 innings and a 2.35 ERA and has been absolutely brilliant so far.  While Wheeler and Cole have only started a combined 4 total games, they are 4-0 with a 0.00 and 3.44 ERA respectively (Wheeler is starting his second game as I type this), and both could challenge Miller to be considered the ‘Ace’ on this roster.  Ryu, our only lefty, has quietly been very good this season with a 6-3 record, 2.85 ERA and 81 strikeouts over 98 innings (15 starts).  Julio Teheran is getting better as the season goes, the talent and ability are finally starting to click for him to the tune of a 3.34 ERA, 71 strikeouts and only 16 walks over 89.1 innings.  Former 3rd overall pick Trevor Bauer beats out the arms of Michael Wacha, Tyler Skaggs, Wily Peralta and Jose Fernandez to round out my 6 man rotation and could be very good as well if he can get over some control issues this year (15 walks in 16.1 innings in the bigs and 36 more in 65 innings in AAA)


  1. Tony Cingrani
  2. Justin Wilson
  3. Cody Allen
  4. Trevor Rosenthal – Setup
  5. Jim Henderson – Closer


The bullpen starts with strong arm lefty Tony Cingrani, who could easily fill in as a starter if needed.  After starting 7 games with a 3-0 record for other injured starters, the Reds moved Cingrani to the pen where he has struck out nearly everyone he has faced (2.1 innings, 6 K’s, 1 hit, 1 walk).  For the season he has an ERA of 2.98 and 52 K’s over only 42.1 innings.  Justin Wilson and Cody Allen are the next two relievers for the team.  Wilson is a former minor league starter who has been excellent in the pen as a part of a very strong Pirates staff this year.  Wilson has pitched 43.1 innings over 28 appearances with a 2.08 ERA, 5-1 record, 6 holds and 38 Ks to 25 hits and 19 walks.  Allen meanwhile has always been a reliever (1.74 ERA in the minors) and brings another strong left arm to the pen.  Over 31 appearances, Allen has throw 32.0 innings with a beautiful 1.97 ERA and WHIP of only 1.03 to go with 40 strikeouts.  The setup man, Trevor Rosenthal, already has 17 holds this season in 36 appearances (38.0 innings) with a 1.89 ERA and a whopping 54 strikeouts to only 8 walks.  The pitching staff ends with Jim Henderson, a 30 year old rookie closer who spent 10 years in the minor leagues, piling up 61 saves in 72 opportunities.  Finally given the chance this year he came out of the gate with a 2.03 ERA and converted 10 of his first 12 save chances with 30 strikeouts in 27 appearances.