Eagles Cuts Already In

So the Eagles got their cuts in early and was similar to what I predicted but not quite.

Apparently they will really be looking at the backup offensive line in the last pre-season game and Nic Purcell was the only linemen cut.

I guessed David Sims would be the safety to go but it was, in fact, Kenny Phillips’ knee was the one that didn’t make it.

Daryell Walker is gone, as expected.

Same goes for backup long snapper James Winchester, backup punter Brad Wing and reserve tight end Will Shaw.

I kinda thought Isaac Remington might get one more game after the team moved him to OL but he was the first of the former Ducks to get the axe.

Eddie McClam, a recently signed defensive lineman got cut already.

Eddie Whitley, a corner/safety who looked like he was going to make the team got waived/injury.  The hope is that no one claims him and he can stick around on the team on injured reserve this year.

Nick Miller was the only wide receiver cut, despite having some NFL experience at both receiver and as a return man.  The team can spend the last game looking at the young guys to see if any of them can contribute this year or if they should be looking elsewhere.

The two most surprising early cuts would have to be Jamar Chaney and Derek Carrier.  The writing was on the wall for Chaney as he was clearly passed by Jake Knott and Emmanuel Acho on the depth chart at inside linebacker.  Carrier, meanwhile, seemed like he still had a shot at making the team despite the depth at tight end.  He may be headed back to the practice squad again this year, provided another team doesn’t sign him away.

I can’t say I am surprised by any of the cuts, but I am a bit impressed that there are still 5 quarterbacks on the roster.  I suspect that means both Vick and Foles are done for the preseason as Matt Barkley will get the start.  David Sims and Kurt Coleman will get one more chance to make the roster.  The same is true for the backup outside linebackers, offensive linemen and wide-receivers.


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