First round of Cuts

The first round of cuts for NFL is upon us as teams have to go from the 90 man offseason rosters down to 75 by Tuesday, and then to the regular season max of 53 by August 31st.  During this time, team scouts will spend a lot of time looking at the players being released by other teams in effort to find players at a position of need for their team or guys who could be an upgrade over their current players.  By my count, the Eagles roster sits at 88 players right now, meaning in the next day they will have to cut 13 players.  These are the guys I expect to be on the first round of the chopping block:


Matt Tennant – Not really in contention to be the backup center anymore with Dallas Reynolds and Julian Vandervelde ahead of him.

Matt Kopa, Matt Tobin, Nic Purcell – all depth along the offensive line that has been passed over

Daryell Walker – Depth along the defensive line

Everette Brown – The team signed him early in the offseason and then switched to 3-4 where he failed to show up as a linebacker

David Sims – depth at safety and a special teamer, but he is behind Allen, Chung and Wolff.  This could also be Kurt Coleman or Kenny Phillips if his knee isn’t truly back.

James Winchester – just an extra long snapper, expendable if Dorenbos is healthy

Brad Wing – very talented punter that will probably be on a roster somewhere this year, simply lost out to Donnie Jones

G.J. Kinne – 5th string quarterback.  I think everyone hopes he makes the practice squad.

Will Shaw – depth guy at the already deep TE spot

Will Murphy – depth guy at wideout who knew the offense already but lacks the talent to stick

Ifeanyi Momah – practice squad candidate who has a lot of tools that just haven’t translated yet



So that’s my guess at the first 13 cuts for the Eagles as they try to evaluate the bottom half of their roster and guys push for playing time and roster spots.  I’m sure we will see one or two surprises.


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