Playoff predictions

Back in week 1, Tim and I made our playoff predictions for this season and I am pleased to say I only got 2 teams right, one in each conference. Tim on the other hand missed on 5 of his teams. Here is what we predicted:

AFC Division Winners:  Tim – Patriots, Bengals, Texans, Broncos    Ryan – Patriots, Bengals, Colts, Broncos

AFC Wild Cards:  Tim – Bills, Ravens    Ryan – Titans, Chiefs

NFC Division Winners:  Tim – Niners, Saints, Packers, Cowboys  Ryan – Niners, Falcons, Packers, Eagles

NFC Wild Cards:  Tim – Seahawks, Falcons  Ryan – Seahawks, Saints


In the AFC I almost nailed things all the way down, and had Jake Locker stayed healthy I think the Titans could have nabbed that last spot that I missed. Tim kept the Texans, a team I was down on, in the playoffs from last year, same with the Ravens and then took a gamble with the Bills but missed.

In the NFC I had 5 teams right but only got two of the division winners right. Both Tim and I had the Niners winning the division with the Seahawks in the wildcard spot but that was flipped. We also both had the Falcons and Saints getting in. The Falcons melted down this year and the Panthers replaced them as the division winner. I am also happy to see my Eagles division title prediction pan out.


On to this weekends games. For the wild card round I’m taking Philadelphia, San Francisco, Kansas City and Cincinnati.  Tim is taking the Colts, Bengals, Niners and Saints.